The Company

SWECSA is a consulting firm in civil engineering with a specialization in geotechnics, ground, and W&S. By being at the forefront of sustainability we offer competitive solutions. With our values and an attractive business model we contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for our customers and society and simultaneously create value for shareholders.

SWECSA Sweden is driven by innovative solutions and believes in giving back to society. As a privately-owned firm, we have the opportunity to live for our values and work in the long term by creating sustainable societies where people and the environment prospers.

We operate in our local markets with support from Swedish expertise. As technical experts and strategic advisors, we have access to engineers, technicians, planners, and investigators as well as professional designers, constructors, and project managers. We offer sustainable solutions within House & Industry and & Transport & Infrastructure.


We adapt the assignments to the specific geology, geotechnical possibilities, and your wishes.

Among other things, we can offer the following services:

  •  Investigations in the early planning stages
  •  Geotechnical field surveys
  •  Geotechnical laboratory services
  •  Geophysical surveys
  •  Design of foundation laying, soil reinforcement, and supporting structures
  • Qualified geotechnical calculations
  • Risk analysis

We carry out geotechnical investigations at and for all stages of the construction process.


SWECSA has a combination of great breadth of knowledge and excellent expertise in Road, street, and ground, which means that we can offer:

  • Feasibility study path
  • Detailed design route
  • Measurement
  • Machine control models
  • Feasibility study villa, industry, and jvg area
  • Detailed design villa, industry, and jvg area
  • Disability adaption of the urban environment
  • Relationship actions

W&S (Water and Sewage technology)

Investigations of water and sewage systems, for example, renewal planning.

Design of water, wastewater, stormwater, and district heating systems. The assignments include, among other things, measurements, calculations, principle solutions, tender specifications including drawings, descriptions, and administrative regulations, as well as follow-up in the construction phase.

SWECSA has a combination of great breadth of knowledge and excellent expertise within VA.

Assignment Management

Solid knowledge of ground/W&S/road construction, construction law, quantity control, and cost calculation.

Construction Management / Inspection

Experienced Construction Managers, Surveyors, and Administrators within ground/road construction, VA, concrete, sewage industry, and landfills. Solid knowledge of ground/road construction, VA, landfills, construction law, quantity control, and cost calculations. Eligibility for plastic molding of concrete execution class 1.

Inspection within construction services

Measurement Technology

SWECSA has extensive experience in surveying for the base map, new construction map as well as house stakeout. We also have extensive experience in geodetic assignments with surveying and stakeout of objects with GPS/total-station, static measurement, digital fine leveling, settlement measurement, groundwater and pore pressure measurement as well as sonar. Staff with measurement class qualification 1 according to Trafikverket.

Construction Expert

Construction professionals with the habit of producing calculations and addition calculations,

  • Management technology
  • Sewage treatment smaller facilities
  • Stormwater management
  • Management modeling
  • Construction management and control

Development of FFU

SWECSA has extensive experience in producing complete tender specifications for execution and turnkey contracts with a total commitment to the customer.