Reference Projects

Lindholmshamen Kv Futura, Gothenborg

SWECSA has been commissioned by the land contractor HTE Produktion AB as a location geography technician during the time of the foundation work. Our geotechnical experts collaborate daily with Riksbyggen, Brixly, and several measurement experts from various organizations for planned construction. The complex conditions and major challenges of the foundation characterize the drive and knowledge of our experts within the field. Our experts are responsible for studies of ground movements, environmental influences caused by piling, about 600 piles (56 m long) advanced calculations of measurement results, planning of piling order, and plug-pull.

Kvarter Futura consists of three contiguous buildings, of which the largest has eight floors of apartments including the entrance level with commercial premises. Under the house, there is a basement and under the courtyard, there is a garage. In total, there will be 197 apartments spread over 7 buildings varying between 3 and 8 floors.

Gullbrandstorp, Halmstad municipality

Real estate AB Gullbrandsstaden plans t build new apartment buildings in Gullbrandstorp, Halmstad municipality. SWECSA has carried out detailed geotechnical surveys and investigations prior to the detailed development plan of the property and developed conditions for further planning.

Hallands hamnar, Varbergs hamn

SWECSA AB construction management investigation and technical support land/ VA

ÅVC Sandladan

The recycling center (ÅVC) Sandladan in Falkenberg municipality is planned to be expanded. The ÅVC is located in northern Falkenberg. SWECSA’s mission includes:

  • Preparation of request documents for expansion of ÅVC.
  • Measurement.
  • Construction management

Kv Kilen Ronneby

Acasa Bostad AB plans to build apartment buildings in Ronneby. SWECSA’s specialist geotechnician has carried out detailed geotechnical surveys as well as a landslide investigation of the property taking into account the current geological challenges and planned foundations.

Stafsinge 6:10

SWECSA is tasked with producing advance notice for the subdivision of plots for Git Spång AB.

Large plots of about 3300 sqm, which make it possible to be self-sufficient in vegetables through their cultivation as well as have space for their greenhouse.

Interest in this type of housing is increasing strongly, it can be described as mini crofts where people live and cultivate, the need to work remotely, and the desire to have an accommodation where even a workplace at home exists.

Ullared Gekås

SWECSA has been commissioned by Gekås AB to perform inspections for land W&S and technical advice in various assignments.

Kv. Vulcanus

SWECSA is tasked with inventorying external leads prior to field investigation, geotechnical laboratory analyzes of sampling with regard to soil type classification, reporting of field investigation and laboratory results, production of technical appendices and geotechnical drawings and evaluation of land/field where the results and parameters are reported to CivilsCon. The prerequisites and the basis for the assignment are plan description, construction drawings, new building map and internal wiring.

Ramböll, TRP Vellinge S

SWECSA is tasked with carrying out a detailed geotechnical field survey, inventory of external lines and geotechnical laboratory analyzes on sampling with a focus on soil classification. Other mandatory objectives were to:

  • Report the laboratory analysis and the field survey.
  • Preparation of technical annexes and geotechnical drawings.
  • Evaluation of land/field data and reporting of results and parameters.

OPTO Hässleholm

SWECSA is tasked with producing documentation for OPTO 2.0
The consultant is responsible for all elements involved in the following areas/parts of the assignment:

  • Field geotechnics, Geotechnics, Soil environment sampling, Measure, Soil, Geotechnical laboratory.

Tillberga järnvägsanpassning

SWECSA is tasked with making a bridge-like construction over Tillberga’s railway and this adaptation consists of:

  • Inventory of management data and channelization.
  • Measurements for data and land.
  • Geotechnical analyzes on soil and ground.
    Some project goals are to contribute to the reduction of emissions, a safe working environment and that traffic should not be disturbed other than at planned times.

Utbildning – Geoteknik

SWECSA is tasked with introducing a training which requires some preparation which is summarized below:

  • Create training material in the form of a book that is distributed to all participants.
  • Create a presentation specifically intended for the training.
  • Preparation and planning.
  • Meetings and communication.
  • Production of diplomas for all participants.

Svärdet 6 – Geoteknik

SWECSA has been commissioned by Bertil Svederberg Gräv AB to carry out a geotechnical investigation prior to the construction of a multi-family house on the property Svärdet 6 (Möllegatan 16) in Falkenberg municipality.
The investigation of the new construction of multi-family houses includes the following:

  • Soil layer investigation.
  • Stability study.
  • Calculation requirements for loads and load effects.
  • Earth shaft. Measurement.
  • Construction management

Ramböll, Nobina Laddstationer

SWECSA is tasked with establishing a charging facility for Electric buses in Malmö.
The assignment consists of the following process:

  • Inspection for the ground work.
  • Storm water investigation must be taken into account.
  • Check against Detailed plan.
  • Connection to existing heights is checked.
  • Coordination with other technical areas, such as projected VA and control over existing VA.

Mälarenergi FJV – Grundvatten

SWECSA has been tasked by FVB Sverige AB to carry out an investigation of groundwater in the Råby area in connection with FJV works within GC-väg Råby.
The assignment consists of the following parts:

  • Geotechnical conditions where the survey area indicates soil depth.
  • Investigations for soil layer sequence where you can see vegetation and clay on frictional soil.
  • Geohydrological conditions where you see the groundwater levels.
  • Stability conditions where one examines whether the ground has good foundation conditions.

Ställverksbyte Kolbäck-Dingtuna Geoteknik

SWECSA AB has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to carry out a geotechnical investigation prior to the construction of new technical buildings such as kiosks, cures, cabinets that replace existing technical buildings that are being demolished for a titled project.

A soil environmental inventory, MMI, is carried out to investigate the presence of known contaminants and, based on this, perform a risk assessment and assess any need for environmental engineering field investigations in order to handle the project’s masses in an appropriate manner according to legislation.

The section Kolbäck – Västerås is part of the double-track Mälarbanan. The Kolbäck site also has three connecting single-track lines. The model 85 signal switchgears in Kolbäck and Dingtuna were both commissioned in 1992.

Vindbryggan 3 – Geo & Dagvatten

Kulturmiljö Halland has been commissioned by Maria Hellekant, Macra Fastigheter AB, to carry out a cultural historical investigation on the Vindbryggan 3 property in connection with planning.

The investigation must show which cultural-historical values may be affected by an exploitation and contain a statement about future development within the property.

The property, which the investigation covers, is built with three buildings; the hotel’s main building and two farm houses.

Drevet 1 – plattbelastning

SWECSA is tasked with carrying out geotechnical slab load tests with the preparation of a PM for further foundation work for 2 planned logistics halls with warehouses and offices in Helsingborg.
The planned work in the assignment is summarized below:

  • Geotechnical slab load tests.
  • Evaluation of technical field data.
  • Evaluation of planned construction.

Utbildning Geoteknik – Göteborg

SWECSA is tasked with training all participants in geotechnics where some preparation is required which is summarized below:

  • Create educational material in the form of a book.
  • Preparation and planning.
  • Meetings and communication.
  • Create a presentation specifically intended for the training.
  • Production of diplomas for all participants.

The educational agenda consists of description and presentation of geology, geotechnical field methods, geotechnical investigation, foundation and support structures and environmental impact.

Kirseberg – Lab

SWECSA is tasked with carrying out a laboratory examination with standards and method descriptions which are summarized below:

  • Soil type description in accordance with SS-EN-ISO 14688 1:2018.
  • Water quota according to SS 027116, edition 3.
  • Cone flow limit according to SS 027120, edition 2.
  • Fertilizer loss 1000°C.
  • Shear strength – cone test according to SS 027125, edition 1.
  • Bulk density according to SS027114, edition 2.

Vindbryggan 7 – Miljöteknik

SWECSA AB has been commissioned by Jana Fastigheter AB to carry out an environmental and geotechnical investigation before the planned installation of geothermal energy outside the property Vindbryggan 7 (Norra vägen 9) in Halmstad municipality.
The geo- and environmental surveys carried out have roughly covered the following:

  • Historical inventory and previous surveys.
  • Field investigation and laboratory analyses.
  • Reporting of geotechnical conditions and rock levels.
  • Evaluation of pollution situation.
  • Assessment and conclusion.

Södra Cell Värö, Deponi

Södra cell is an area in Värö, where there is a paper mill where a new landfill is being built in several stages. SWECSA AB is tasked with controlling the landfill in connection with the restoration/sculpting of the landfill in the form of design.

Skredutredning Ronneby

SWECSA AB has been commissioned by Acasa Bostad AB to carry out geotechnical calculations and a landslide investigation for new housing construction in Ronneby. The calculations refer to both the permanent and construction phases.

Within the property Kv Kilen 5, new construction of apartment buildings with parking areas, small roads and playgrounds is planned. The buildings plan to have a foundation with spiked piles.

Fyllinge 20:582 – Geoteknik

Stadsnykeln intends to construct two buildings with offices and warehouses on the Fyllinge property. House 1 of approx. 1,100 square meters BTA will have Anticimex as a tenant.

House 2 of approx. 1,500 square meters BTA currently has no tenant. SWECSA AB carried out geotechnical investigations on the ground where data collection was carried out prior to construction.

Lokstallarna, kontor Halmstad

SWECSA AB has carried out inspections of land and ground clearance for the locomotive sheds in Halmstad, this includes planning of ground clearance and geological data collection for soil analysis.

Sättningskontroller SKÅR-Geoteknik

SWECSA AB has carried out measurements for Abesikting AB. This is to check whether settlements or deformations have occurred.

Gärdet Ronneby-Geoteknik

Ronneby municipality is investigating whether it is appropriate to develop housing, water lines and pumping stations. SWECSA AB is sorting out the geotechnical prerequisites for this.