FN’s global sustainability goals

World leaders have decided on the Agenda 2030 to achieve four fantastic things by 2030:

  •  Ending extreme poverty
  • Reducing inequalities in the world
  • Solving the climate crisis
  • Promoting peace and justice

Through FN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development , this can be achieved. SWECSA contributes in several ways to the global goals and the development of a sustainable society. Many of our customers also want to contribute to the goals and we can support them in that work.

SWECSA’s contribution to the goals is by actively influencing the customer through sustainable choices of design as well as products in the construction industry, where we have a great responsibility and great opportunity to influence the choice of sustainable products.

Which contributes to complying with the global sustainability goals.


For us, a sustainable work environment means that you should both be able to perform your job physically safely, and flexibly, and that over time you thrive and develop and thus want to remain at SWECSA.

We, therefore, work actively for a prosperous workplace characterized by commitment, and innovation, and that our employees have fun together. It is important for us to create an environment where our employees come to work every day with curiosity, drive, and a sense of purpose.

We lead with confidence, and respect for our individual differences and see our employees as trusted professionals that deliver results for our customers and colleagues. We are – and want to continue to be – a clear proof that a stimulating and open work environment where everyone feels relevant, appreciated, and seen is what creates the right conditions for a humanly and business-like sustainable workplace.