SWECSA is the product of our and the customers’ vision, values, and expertise.

Discover the people, the driving forces, and the environmental thinking that has created the organization we’re today and the one we’re forming for Sweden’s future.

A company for the future

SWECSA is a consulting firm in civil engineering with a specialization in geotechnics, ground, and W&S. By being at the forefront of sustainability we offer competitive solutions. With our values and an attractive business model, we contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for our customers and society.

Focus on our collaborators and customers

We always strive to recruit, develop, engage and create the best collaborators within our sections of expertise. Our connection with customers and collaborators is always conducted with professionalism. We stay with what we promise, are humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, treat everyone with respect, support colleagues and customers, and strive to constantly evolve. We welcome new talents and offer support and development to every individual.

Our job conducts with huge passion irrespective of how big or small the project is or where it’s located. All our customers are important to us.

Work for diversity:

  • That we include diversity is necessary because we should be able to increase our ability to put ourselves in other’s situations and not start from that our way of thinking is the only ways
  •  That we have access to various skill levels and abilities makes it possible for us to create products /services that more of our customers can exploit
  •  We want to create conditions for persons irrespective of gender, religion, or culture to contribute to our future society
  •  Sustainability – We want to work for long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • A great engagement that is curious and dares to think new and to create customer trust
  • Focus on good delivery quality – takes responsibility for what we promise
  • Challenge, but too also create involvement and transparency around our mission
  •  Create conditions and the opportunity for our collaborators to grow, evolve, and long to work – perceived as a nursery

Actively act and be responsible

Our values describe how we behave and support our promise of building a better society and guide us in our actions.

  •  We care about both people and the environment.
  •  We never walk by if we see someone acting risky.
  •  We promote health and well-being.
  •  We take initiative to green solutions and strive for minimal environmental impact.
  • We take responsibility for coming generations.
  •  We do business with a high level of integrity and transparency.
  •  We live in agreement with our code of behavior and accept no shortcuts.
  •  We care about a working climate where everyone gets heard.

From idea to reality

Creativity and effectivity contribute to the future society becoming more sustainable and maximizing customer benefits on every project.

We develop creative, included, and sustainable technical solutions for the future’s societies. Thanks to our deep understanding of communities, talents world-class and we can plan proactive leadership, design, manage and construct long-standing and effective solutions to unique, complex problems.

Together we create a future

We want to be a company for talent. Our idea is to cultivate talent by having the most experienced creative senior employees. This is to cultivate a culture where junior talents get an opportunity to develop to their best potential. The best talents should dream of working with us.

Our goal includes that we work with a focus on a secured climate so that houses, roads, and facilities are built to cope with a changing climate, a climate adaptation is necessary for a long-term sustainable society.

SWECSA’s future goal is to become one of south Sweden’s leading facility consultants.

In addition to the Swedish market, SWECSA plans to take part in international construction projects with a focus on the environment and sustainability.


SWECSA is driven by innovative solutions and believes in giving back to society. As a privately-owned firm, we have the opportunity to live for our values and work in the long term by creating sustainable societies where people and the environment prospers. We operate in our local markets with support from Swedish expertise. As technical experts and strategic advisors, we have access to engineers, technicians, planners, and investigators as well as professional designers, constructors, and project managers.